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Beardy Phil

Philip Barrett

Philip Barrett is an illustrator, designer and comic artist originally from Co. Donegal and currently based in Galway. In 2012 he illustrated the O’Brien press children’s book best-seller ‘Where’s Larry?’ and in 2016 illustrated the follow-up ‘Where’s Larry This Time?’. His illustrations and comics have appeared in publications as diverse as the Irish Times and Rabble.

He has been self-publishing his comic ‘Matter’ since 2001 and has contributed to numerous anthologies. Philip set up Blackshapes Books in 2014 to publish longer form graphic novel work of which to date he has published John Robbins ‘Unlucky Unlikely’ and his own collection of comics ‘In Bits’.

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Elida Maiques self portrait

Elida Maiques

Elida Maiques is a visual artist with a strong line in comics, originally from Spain, based in Dublin since 2003.

Several of Elida’s comics are bilingually functional, with separate hand-lettered text in both English and Spanish.

Her comics work is often small-run limited edition comics and handmade books. Her main vehicle for these is Slow, a series of fold-out minicomics containing assorted shorter strips, however her work also appears in Polen magazine, the publications of Plutón CC, RíRá, etc.

Something she loves: teaching Visual Storytelling in Marino College.

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Gus Hughes

Gus Hughes

Gus Hughes is a visual artist. His current work explores the theme of buried memory. He writes narrative text with his left hand and draws with his right simultaneously (bimanual coordination). He considers this personal approach to be a useful way of joining seemingly remote ideas. His work has been screened, exhibited and collected internationally.

Visit and to see his work.

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Debbie Jenkinson

Debbie Jenkinson is a comics-maker and illustrator from Dublin. She’s a huge enthusiast of narrative – it is the thread that goes through all her work. She made a graphic novel, REMORSE, which like many of her stories, is about the small frustrations and triumphs of real everyday lives; they explore the glorious absurdity, heartache and mundanity of our existences through line and ink. Her books are all self-published and are for sale in comic shops, online, at conventions and fairs.
Over the last decade, she has provided illustrations for clients such as The Irish Dail Mail and Scoilnet. Recent collaborations include art for a story called Gone in Kerrie Smith’s anthology Girls Like You. She’s co-founder of The Comics Lab, a monthly meet-up which explores story-telling in sequential formats, under the umbrella of the comics collective Stray Lines.

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Sarah Bowie

Sarah Bowie

Sarah Bowie is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist based in Dublin. She specialises in comics for communication (Novaerus), as well as children’s book (O’Brien’s, Little Island) and anthologies (Ruaille Buaille).
She is a founding member of The Comics Lab, a monthly comics salon which aims to develop a vibrant alternative comics scene in Dublin. See for commercial work and for Sarah’s side-projects in small-press and online comics.

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Matthew Melis

Matthew Melis is an American cartoonist living in Ireland with his wife and daughter. His latest book, Odd Reels, debuted at Pulse, Irish Comics Now in March. He is currently working on his first full length graphic novel.

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Alan Dunne

Alan Dunne

Alan Dunne is an illustrator living and working in Dublin.
He finds creating short comic pieces an incredibly difficult process, but when they do eventually get made the stories deal with the universality of the human experience, social observation, interesting set-ups, and atmospheric scene setting.
Alongside illustration, Alan works as an animator and motion designer for RTÉ.

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Paddy Lynch

Paddy Lynch

Paddy Lynch is a cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer from Dublin. He writes and draws comics and zines for a variety of publishers including Big Jim (2013, the O’Brien Press), My Last Day at 17 (with Doug DuBois, 2015, Aperture Foundation) and his own comics series Last Bus (2008 – present Cardboard Press).

Paddy’s comics embrace the contradictions, emotions and complicated nature of being alive. He leaves space for people to draw their own conclusions and also embraces the highly emotive side of our human nature.

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