We love our comics and we’d love if you read them. So here are a bunch. We’ll post new ones as often as we can!

Missed connections title image
Missed connections by Debbie Jenkinson

Missed connections is a story of star-crossed commuter love set on the Belgian public transport system.

blackshapes_v02_a5_booklet 01
Black Shapes by Philip Barrett

Self Hate, by Elida Maiques
Self Hate by elida maiques

Self-hate, self-sabotage, Brexit.
Choosing to leave out of spite. Spit at the sky. See it come back at you.

Self love comic
Self Love by elida maiques

On seeing my comic Self-Hate, this friend just quipped, “now you’ll have to do Self-Love.” Dismantle the word love as though it were a ticking bomb. A dubious, corny bomb. An explosive mixture of true emotion and pop culture.
Represent self-love as the dangerous thing it can be.

Numan by elida maiques

In conversation with my brother Carlos, we collected the family kids’ attempts at pronouncing “hippopotamus”, and wondered how would the embarrassed hippos sound trying to pronounce “human”. This is the comic.

Friendly Local by paddy lynch

First published in 2012 in Stray Lines #1, Friendly Local is a story about, feckless layabout and self appointed security guard/delivery man, Danno and his efforts to win the affections of his co-worker Lien.

We Speak in Code 6
We Speak in Code 6 by paddy lynch

We Speak in Code is a series of short observational comics based on the passage of time. They are speculative musings on the interior lives of characters observed during quiet moments in Paddy Lynch’s daily life.

One Time… by sarah bowie

One time…