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The Comics Lab

The Comics Lab is an informal space to explore storytelling through text and image. We’re interested in bringing people from all backgrounds (creative or otherwise) into our space to brainstorm, let loose, innovate and create. We plan on throwing pre-conceived notions of ‘what a comic is’ to the wind, and helping you to free up and find out what comics can mean to you.

So how will it work?

There will be a short workshop element at the start of each session where a different creator each month will share their process. We’ll use this part of the session to focus on a particular topic, such as story-inspiration or character development. We’ll also organise a number of short exercises, aimed at loosening you up, and helping you to understand the ‘language’ of cartooning. The second half of the session will be a completely informal space to share your own work if you like, to start on new ideas and find people to collaborate with. Don’t worry, we’ll have gentle exercises to help you through this bit if you’re feeling a bit blank for the first couple of sessions!

But I can’t draw (not even a straight line)?

You don’t need to be able to draw to make comics. Some of the strongest stories come from the wobbliest pens. There is no right or wrong here, just you, finding your storytelling voice.

When and where is it happening?

The Comics Lab will take place once a month in the cosy back-room of The Liquor Rooms (in the basement of The Clarence Hotel). You can get your own drinks from the bar (they serve tea, coffee and array of drinks - including delicious non-alcoholic cocktails!). We’ll bring the bikkies!

Our next event takes place Tuesday, 14th July, 7 - 9pm in the Liquor Rooms.

The Comics Lab, Tuesday, 16th June, 2015