The panels above are from Diane Noomin’s Home Again (1973), a story that ran in the groundbreaking Wimmen’s Comix anthologies. Fantagraphics recently collected all the stories and released The Complete Wimmen’s Comix – and now for the shouting bit: 

Sacha Mardou digs into The Complete Wimmen’s Comix over on Comics Workbook today!

Check it out HERE.

From Sacha – “Reading the two-volume release of The Complete Wimmen’s Comix made me think about those sort of cultural assumptions and blank spots. The first volume in particular feels like a powerful raw gust of real comics history. … Another aspect that occurs to me is that volume one is essentially my mother’s generation making those comics (I was born in ’75) which makes the lack of respect for cultural niceties and cartooning norms seem even more punk rock and revelatory, as well as being somewhat nostalgic. It reminds me of looking though my aunt’s closet in the early 1980’s and finding all her old platform shoes and boots. My childish trespassing got me yelled at after the event, but I’m glad to own that childhood memory of trying on and walking around in those beautiful and weird, too-big-for-me ‘space’ shoes.

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