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Pulse – Irish Comics Now (as part of the Fete de la Bande Desinee), took place in Mart Firestation Rathmines on Wed 2 Mar.  Organised by Sarah Bowie (see also Lidless) on behalf of Illustrators Ireland in collaboration with The Comics Lab and Alliance Francaise de Dublin.

What an amazing night! From the pop-up comics fair, full of new indie voices, to the live comics performances and finishing up with a highly engaging interview panel.  

The live performances were a particular hit, being totally new to audiences here, and are something that we’re definitely going to look into doing more of.  The audience was treated to a range of stories, from Alan Dunne’s moving ‘Me Hands’ to Fintan Taite’s comical ‘The Ring’ (a lighthearted story drawn from life in a block of Dublin flats).

The interview panel was excellent, from Debbie Jenkinson’s overview of making it as a self-publisher, to Maura McHugh’s script-writing advice, Eoin Coveney’s breakdown of how he crafts a page, to the standout argument by Luke Healy as to why mini-comics are vital to the health of the industry.

What ‘Pulse’ shows us is that there is a large pool of established (and more excitingly) brand new talent buzzing around Dublin at the moment.  All it needs is a focus and an outlet.  We believe ‘Pulse’ has been a very positive first step towards that.  What next?

More photos and video footage to come 🙂


I’d like to extend special thanks to The Alliance Francaise for having asked us to collaborate in the first place, to Debbie Jenkinson and Margaret Anne Suggs for their help and support along the way, to Alan Dunne for the fantastic stings, to Digital Beast for putting together visuals for the live readings, to all the contributors, from the tablers to the performers to the interviewees, and finally to everyone who came and saw – Thank You!!

Pulse – Irish Comics Now (part of Fete de la Bande Desinee) was…. amaze balls!!!


Calling all Comics Creators!

IGI (Illustrators Guild of Ireland) and The Comics Lab are joining forces withAlliance Française de Dublin to hold a ‘Festival of Comics’ on 2 – 3 Mar 2016. We’ll be sharing full programme details with you closer to the time, but for now, we want to invite you to take part in our Pop-Up Comics Fair, which will be taking place during the festival.

Why: The aim of the comics fair is to showcase indie Irish comics talent to a new audience. The Festival is open to members of the public, and we expect a sizeable contingent from the Alliance Francaise network, along with visiting French cartoonist Tito.

How it’s going to work: There will be no fee to take part, and no commission taken on sales. Rather than separate tables, vendors will share a couple of long benches. The fair will be happening alongside a number of other comics-related events. The fair will take place in The Liquor Rooms on the evening of Wed, 2 Mar. It may run for a second night on Thur, 3 Mar in the Alliance Francaise, but this is subject to confirmation.

What to sell: Why comics and zines of course! This can be existing or new work. We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to finally do that comic you’ve been meaning to do all year but haven’t. If you don’t have much time, make it small. Just make it.

How to book: Email us at and simply confirm that you would like to take part. While we hope to accommodate everyone who applies, we have a limited amount of space, so priority will be given to Illustrators Ireland, Comics Lab and Dublin Comic Jam members.