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Here’s a sneak preview of a spine-tingling riso-printed zine I worked on with Paddy Lynch for the Bram Stoker Festival, Dublin. These Penny Dreadzines (along with those by a bunch of other writers and illustrators) will be released across the city over the bank holiday weekend. Check out the Festival page for details. Thanks to Damn Fine Print for doing a brilliant job! ‪#‎BiteMeDublin‬


Our zine, Experiment, hot off the press!
Spreads by Eoin Marron and Philip Isard, Karen Harte and Matthew Shiell

It’s great – a lovely symbol of our Comics Lab community. Many thanks to all our contributors!

Come and get your copy at the next lab – we’ll also be publishing it online.

(Photos by Debbie Jenkinson)

COMICs LAB EXPERIMENT ZINE deadline extension


From The Comics Lab  – Our zine EXPERIMENT is taking shape!
We’ve extended the deadline to the 31st August. Loadsa time!

Deadline: **EXTENSION**, Wednesday 2nd September – 5pm.
Size: A5 – 148 x 210 mm (you can submit your work larger than this and we’ll resize, just keep to those relative dimensions)
Page count: 1 page.
Content: Anything at all you like, so long as it is in someway connected (however tenuously) to the theme ‘Experiment’.
Format: Black & white / grayscale, 300dpi, Tiffs or PDFs
**If your page requires bleed, add 3mm all around**
Who can submit: Anyone who has ever attended a Comics Lab or Comic Jam event is welcome to submit!
Purpose: We have been invited to bring The Comics Lab to the ComicCity Festival in Derry in September, and while we’re there, we want to showcase emerging and established talent in the indie comics scene here in Dublin.

Send all images to
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